Hello internets, long time no see! I do actually have a large backlog of entries about gigs, jewellery and general goings on, but the backlog got even more backed up as time went on and I couldn’t be bothered to sort through it all. I’ll attempt to get up to speed over the next few weeks.

So, what’s new? The website design for one. I gave it a newer, more streamlined feel and also merged in my flickr feed as I felt it was stupid to upload my photo portfolio into two separate places. I also now have a real live home page, with flashy banners, scrolling photo tickers, social widgets and a little box that shows my weekly most played album from last.fm (which I hand coded myself, are you proud mum?). I still haven’t got a proper online shop back up yet, due to me battling to get Magento installed on my server and then trying to figure out how it works. But Folksy and Etsy are doing ok for the moment, and I have all my stock listed on them so nothing is missing.

Jewellery wise, there have been lots of new bits over the past few months, including a Supernatural themed Impala necklace which manages to sell out as soon as I receive a new batch. I also redesigned the TARDIS necklaces to match the canvas bags, and I’ve been pressing on with screen printing things.

(Woo, face and TARDIS)

Gigs; there have been plenty, and photography has temporarily ground to a halt as I’m not happy with how GigJunkie are operating these days. The only gigs I’ve managed to pro-shoot have been small ones or for friends. Fingers crossed I can get back into that soon.

So sit back, enjoy, and please keep checking in as the entries below should start to appear.


Following their announcement as Reading Festival headliner last week, Matt Bellamy (on his new twitter account @Bellamy_Matt) has stated that they will play Origin of Symmetry in full as a celebration of its tenth anniversary. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this! It’s widely regarded as their best album and the rare chance to see some of the lesser played tracks will be a great draw for many of their fans. I’m assuming they will play a selection of hits as well, which should hopefully keep the level of Resistance songs to a minimum.

I haven’t really been up to much over the past week. On Friday I went to the Tate Modern on my lunch break (it’s just round the corner from my workplace) to take some photos of the Sunflower Seeds installation by Ai Weiwei. It’s a pretty spectacular sight, and I was very tempted to take one as a souvenir. I had a look at the upcoming exhibitions and I think I might buy a Tate membership as it would probably save me money. Plus it would encourage me to go to more exhibitions in the future.

This week sees my gig draught finally come to an end, with Patrick Wolf tonight and a whole host of others over the next eight days. Sadly there will probably be no photos as my small camera is gone and I don’t fancy trying to smuggle my large camera into most of the venues, but there will be enthusiastic reviews to make up for it!


I went out and bought a clear epoxy resin kit and a silicon moulding kit at the weekend, so I’ve started playing with resin casting. The first moulds I made were of a dalek and a lego block, and I put glittery clear resin in them and they look brilliant! Some friends on twitter suggested the glittery daleks would be great for christmas decorations and I think thats a great idea! I’ll be playing around with moulds and casting a bit more before I get it all perfect and start selling them. I may even look into making my own small run of art toys!

I also injured myself yesterday with a scalpel while trying to make small holes in plastic. I have bought myself a small push drill now to try and avoid injuries in the future!



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I got bored at the weekend and realised I haven’t painted in months, so I sat down and did this.

Sylar from Heroes, Acrylic paint on A3 canvas, 3 1/2 hours

It’s already been claimed by my brother, who has put it next to his bed alongside his poster of David Tennant.

I spent the rest of the weekend mostly watching films. I saw Inception which I thought was amazing, especially the ending, and I bought A Single Man on bluray and the El Mariachi boxset for £4! This week is more gigs gigs gigs and the exciting announcement of Placebo finally playing Brixton Academy again. I can’t wait.