website design

I enjoy making eyecatching and creative websites. While I am completing my BSc in Computing and IT, this website is currently a demonstration of my work. The HTML and CSS have been hand-coded and the graphics all created in Photoshop. I have linked in my various social media sites such as Twitter, Last.FM and Goodreads by using their API's to pull in information from my feeds and display them on the home page. JQuery and Javascript have been utilised to make it responsive and my Flickr feed has been integrated into the photo section. There are also two blogs with customised Wordpress themes and handwritten scripts to organise the tags.

Below is a small selection of older designs.

Current - My gig blog, currently active here. CSS coding on Wordpress theme, additional graphics and PHP coding for additional features.

2009 - I heart my art shop front. CSS and HTML coding, with graphics and PHP e-commerce template customisation.

2009 - I heart my art main site. CSS and HTML coding with graphics.

2008 - Robots In Disguise fanclub test site. CSS and HTML coding, with graphics and PHP and SQL-based login system.