Sunflower Seeds

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Following their announcement as Reading Festival headliner last week, Matt Bellamy (on his new twitter account @Bellamy_Matt) has stated that they will play Origin of Symmetry in full as a celebration of its tenth anniversary. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this! It’s widely regarded as their best album and the rare chance to see some of the lesser played tracks will be a great draw for many of their fans. I’m assuming they will play a selection of hits as well, which should hopefully keep the level of Resistance songs to a minimum.

I haven’t really been up to much over the past week. On Friday I went to the Tate Modern on my lunch break (it’s just round the corner from my workplace) to take some photos of the Sunflower Seeds installation by Ai Weiwei. It’s a pretty spectacular sight, and I was very tempted to take one as a souvenir. I had a look at the upcoming exhibitions and I think I might buy a Tate membership as it would probably save me money. Plus it would encourage me to go to more exhibitions in the future.

This week sees my gig draught finally come to an end, with Patrick Wolf tonight and a whole host of others over the next eight days. Sadly there will probably be no photos as my small camera is gone and I don’t fancy trying to smuggle my large camera into most of the venues, but there will be enthusiastic reviews to make up for it!

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