It was my birthday yesterday, and I am now the grand old age of 24. We started off the evening quite respectably by having a nice meal, but that quickly devolved as we got stuck into some delicious cocktails.Then we carried the party on to the pubs and clubs and impressed everyone with our terrific Beyonce-style dance moves. Sort of! Photos are courtesy of my lovely new camera, the shiny Canon G12. I need to try not to lose this one in a student bar!

I also got some lovely acrylic jewellery gifts, including the awesome gamer-necklace from Punky Pins and a black cat ring from Tatty Devine. My friends know me so well!


Royal Ruckus

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I had assumed this week would be fairly leisurely after the insane amount of gigs last week, but I have somehow won two tickets to see Miles Kane at XFM in Leicester Square. It means I get to leave work at the luxurious hour of 3pm and explore XFM’s studio for the first time, I’m pretty excited!

Last weekend was a thing of beauty as we descended on the Circle Line for a pub crawl in honour of my cousin Ben’s birthday. The theme was royals and politicians (because of the upcoming royal wedding) and although we only managed about 9 different pubs, we got incredibly drunk and confused a lot of tourists in the process. Here are some select photos from the day. I’m the one dressed as the Queen.

It was my 23rd birthday last week, so I decided to get myself a haircut! I went for an asymmetrical bob, a bit different to what I usually have.

(Sorry I look a bit shocked, not quite sure what’s going on there!)

I also realised I’ve amassed quite a collection of Tatty Devine jewellery. It’s not going to stop me buying more though! They have a new collection out in a few weeks and I’m itching to go and visit their Covent Garden store.