The MCM Expo is over, and I think I slept for about 12 hours last night. I needed it! We sold lots of jewellery, made lots of friends and saw lots of strange costumes. I would consider that a success.

It was a great first Expo for I Heart My Art and big thanks to anyone who stopped to chat with us. I think the best part was hearing what pieces of jewellery people liked and getting positive feedback from everyone. We sold out of a few bits, but the rest (plus some new designs) have all been put up in the shop. Here are some photos of us at the Expo, and some costumes I enjoyed.

Nikki and our new friends from the Splott Division


I had an amazing moment yesterday. The official Placeboworld twitter and facebook pages posted a link to my review and photos of the Placebo Brixton gig from my gigblog! I like how they posted my personal link rather than the one on GigJunkie haha! I also had a few people filter back to this main site and buy things from my shop. Nothing better than indirect promotion from Placebo!


The brand new shiny iheartmyart shop is now online! Lots of new items and a revamped style. Some of the pieces have been marked as limited, and once they are gone they are gone!


I ordered my first sheet of acrylic to be laser cut last week! I was so excited to receive them today, it was really quite sad. I got some test cuts of my logo to use as tags, which I will get cut in pink for future use. I also got some Star Trek insignia pendants, triforces and stars to make necklaces and rings. Look for them on the shop soon!