It was my birthday yesterday, and I am now the grand old age of 24. We started off the evening quite respectably by having a nice meal, but that quickly devolved as we got stuck into some delicious cocktails.Then we carried the party on to the pubs and clubs and impressed everyone with our terrific Beyonce-style dance moves. Sort of! Photos are courtesy of my lovely new camera, the shiny Canon G12. I need to try not to lose this one in a student bar!

I also got some lovely acrylic jewellery gifts, including the awesome gamer-necklace from Punky Pins and a black cat ring from Tatty Devine. My friends know me so well!


I finally finished off a roll of film in my Fisheye last week and I just got the developed photos back. There’s a nice selection of New York pics and various ones of my friends. Here’s a couple of the best.

Airport ceiling

Times Square

Converse store

Top of the rock


Double wall



I went to see Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut, Submarine, on Friday at the ICA for the latest Ultra Culture Cinema instalment, and good times were had. To quote the free zine we got inside, “I saw it two weeks before it opened, and got a free custard cream chocolate bourbon in the foyer”. It’s a coming of age story set in Wales, about a boy who struggles with his feelings for his unromantic girlfriend and tries to prevent his mum from having an affair. It was truly a beautiful film, full of laughs and touching moments and the melancholic soundtrack by Alex Turner fit perfectly. My friend was most pleased by the free bottle of Irn Bru she got given for being Scottish. I would definitely recommend that everyone see it anyway.

I have realised that my 199th gig has been and gone, which means my next will be my 200th! Currently it will be Patrick Wolf at Koko, which is a pretty awesome 200th gig in my opinion.

At the weekend my friend decided to have a Mexican-themed party as we were poor and didn’t want to go to the pub. We probably ended up spending more money on tequila and sombreros, but it was so much fun. There were stick on moustaches galore, tequila-filled water pistols and more chilli than you can shake a pinata stick at. Here is a selection of photos from the night.


Finally the new pink and silver acrylic pieces are up for sale in the shop!

Continuing the introspective theme from yesterday, here is my 2010 in photos.


Photographing Ok Go at the Shepherds Bush Empire

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As promised, a few drunken photos with my new lens. It has such a smooth autofocus, I think I’m in love!