I have my photos back from Glastonbury, finally! The film processing shop scanned them wrong the first time so I had to send the negatives back. I’m pretty pleased with some of the results.

And just for laughs, here are my photoshoots from LFCC. Look at how excited I am to be standing next to Karen Gillan!


I finally finished off a roll of film in my Fisheye last week and I just got the developed photos back. There’s a nice selection of New York pics and various ones of my friends. Here’s a couple of the best.

Airport ceiling

Times Square

Converse store

Top of the rock


Double wall



This week I finally sent off two films from my fisheye to be developed. I got them back today and was quite pleased with some of the results! They are from various nights out, Scotland, Reading Festival and Offset.

You can see the rest at the flickr set.