Last night I got a pretty unique opportunity to see one of England’s biggest bands, Kasabian, playing a tiny venue. They were there to record for the Album Chart Show and I managed to bag some free tickets earlier in the week. They played 9 tracks to a rapturous audience, including a selection from their latest album. Tom seemed to be either hungover or ill, and was hiding his red eyes with some oversized sunglasses at first, but that didn’t stop him from putting his all into it and getting the crowd singing along. They closed the set with ‘Fire’ and the whole place went mental! I took a pretty bumpy video which I’ll try and upload. It was a nice teaser for the new album and I felt privileged to have seen them so up close, but I do wish they had played something from their first album. I’ll be going to see them at the O2 Arena in December anyway so I have high hopes for that gig.


Where Did All The Love Go?
Days Are Forgotten
Shoot The Runner
Vlad The Impaler
Switchblade Smiles

There’s a couple more at my Flickr page.


V festival was quite nice this year, in the way that it’s nice to go to a scummy bar packed full of chavs and still leave with all your belongings and limbs. I only went this year because my mum had two weekend tickets, and my stepdad couldn’t get the time off work so it was a freebie. Most of the bands I had seen before, but some personal highlights were Passion Pit (even though no-one around me knew the songs), being on the barrier for Paul Weller with my mum, Groove Armada, Calvin Harris and Kasabian.

The weather was quite nice which was a bonus, and a friend joined us for the second day, but the whole festival reeks of commercialism and trying to make money out of everything. Plus the people are the kind that have never been to a festival before, and whose favourite bands are Oasis and Kings of Leon. It drives me up the wall! I’m definitely not going next year, not unless I get another free ticket! I’ll go to Glastonbury instead.

Photo by Nick Pickles