I met David Tennant!

That is pretty much all me and Nikki said for the whole of Sunday. It was so exciting! I wasn’t originally going to get anything signed as I was having my photoshoot, but I decided to pay for an autograph and let Nikki go up and get it as a thank you for helping me out on the stall. I got my Season three dvd cover signed and it looks great.

The rest of the convention was the usual chatting to randomers, seeing odd costumes and confusing guests with our dancing, particularly our wonderful ‘Lovecats’ dance. We didn’t make a great profit as it was fairly quiet, but David Tennant! My new doctor necklaces also went down a treat and I should be putting them up in the shop this weekend. (Remember kids, they are Paul McGann approved!)

David was absolutely lovely. I was near his 1000th photo of the day and he was still lovely and smiley.

Arthur was sweet but I think he was a bit overwhelmed at being in a hall full of fangirls, so he was quite quiet.

Despite our serious faces, Paul was in a great mood and complimented me on my doctor necklace. I had this shoot right after my David Tennant one, so it was my two favourite doctors one after the other! I was quite a lot excited.

Nik got to fight Darth Maul

The fantastic view from our table..

I have invested in a screen printing kit as my old method of stencilling canvas bags took far too long. Hopefully this means I can churn out a lot more of the TARDIS bags and actually put some on sale online for once! I’ll be working on some new designs and maybe tshirts too.

I went to see Crystal Fighters last night at the Shepherds Bush Empire, but I won’t be writing much of a review because I didn’t really feel very into it. The music was nice and the band were pleased with the packed out venue, but the crowd really annoyed me and I ended up moving right to the back where I couldn’t see anything. I ended up leaving before the end because I was just not enjoying myself. Luckily I saw them at both The Big Chill and Reading this year where I had a nice time, so it hasn’t tainted my live experience.

Plage was excellent though. I dare you not to smile when you listen to it.

In jewellery news I have booked a table at the Entertainment Media Show/Collectormania London on the 1st and 2nd of October. I wasn’t going to do it originally, but they have now announced David Tennant as a guest so I am there with bells on! I’ve booked photoshoots with the man himself, plus Arthur Darvill and Paul McGann so I’m very much looking forward to it. I may even find time to sell some jewellery! I’ve hopefully got some new designs coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for those.