Teapots are the best alcohol receptacles

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This week I have mostly been playing the new Sims 3 expansion, as my brother has received the new Call of Duty and has taken over our internet connection. Woe is me! I have created a vampire rockstar celebrity who has a penchant for tight leather trousers. I think he may be channelling Lestat.

On Wednesday I had the day off work to go to the O2 Arena with my dad and brother to see Linkin Park. I was a bit apprehensive, as I don’t know much of their new material, but it turned out ok in the end. Does It Offend You, Yeah? were supporting which was awesome, and their newer songs sound better every time I hear them. Can’t wait for a new release!

Linkin Park came on at about 8:30, which felt stupidly early for a gig! The first part was mostly new tracks, interspersed with a few choice hits to keep the crowd going. Then they got onto the better (in my opinion), older stuff and all was right. I felt like a 14 year old again screaming along to Crawling and One Step Closer! All in all it was an enjoyable experience, but probably not one I would pay for again as I really didn’t connect with the newer music. Plus we were on level 4 in the nosebleed seats, and I had to sit down every other song to stop myself feeling too dizzy.

On Thursday night myself and a friend made our way to the Horse Hospital in Holborn for an exclusive PureHMV screening of the new Mighty Boosh documentary, The Journey of the Childmen. As we took our seats in the tiny room, we were delighted to find free boxes of popcorn and chocolate bars on our seats. Imagine our joy when we found out the bar was free too! Needless to say much alcohol was drunk, and by the time Oly Ralphe, Noel Fielding and Rich Fulcher appeared to introduce the film, we were quite merry! Although not as drunk as a loud woman at the back who kept calling out nonsensical things. The documentary was very enjoyable and was a nice look at the hectic touring schedule they experienced, with some pretty animation and odd bits thrown in. Well worth a Christmas buy. It was also rather surreal to watch it with Noel Fielding sat right behind me giggling at everything on screen as well.

On Friday we continued the drinking theme with a night out in Colchester, and discovered an amazing bar that served shots from a teapot! Once you go teapot, you never go back.

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