Gorillaz and Erotica

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On Tuesday I went back to the O2 Arena (lots of gigs there recently!) to see Gorillaz. I was pretty excited for this gig as I’ve wanted to see them for a long time and not got the chance to before. I arrived late so I would miss the support acts, not a fan of De La Soul and I’ve seen Little Dragon before. I managed to get a position fairly near the front so I had a nice view.

Gorillaz were really good, loads of guest singers and a big orchestra and brass band, but the crowd were rubbish. I was near the front, but people around me only knew the really big singles. The album went to number one so I had assumed that people would know the more popular songs off it, but apparently not. Compared to when I’ve seen Muse, or NIN or Placebo there when most people have known a good majority of the songs, it just felt a bit meh. I enjoyed myself anyway, but it is quite hard to have a good time, sing along and dance when no-one around you is moving. I think I’ll have to try and see them in a smaller venue next time, full of more knowledgeable fans.

On Saturday I went to the Olympia with some friends for the Erotica exhibition. Unfortunately we arrived too late to see Dita Von Teese, but we had a fun time just walking around and looking at all the stalls and lovely corsets, and we got to see the main show at 8pm which was very interesting!

This week I haven’t done much else really. I’ve been saving my pennies for New York and spending the rest of my time Simming!

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